Sub-section of past presentations (this list is not updated regularly)

Foraging patterns of Osmia lignaria in the Seattle parks system. December 13, 2019. Annual Conference of the Orchard Bee Association. UC-Riverside, Riverside, California.

Effects of floral resource composition on Osmia lignaria Say in western Washington. May 31, 2019. Doctoral General Examination for Candidacy. University of Washington School of Forest and Environmental Sciences, Seattle, Washington.

Effect of floral resources on Osmia lignariaDecember 7, 2018. Annual Conference of the Orchard Bee Association Conference. UC-Davis, Davis, California.

The effect of floral resource composition on the native solitary bee Osmia lignaria Say in western Washington. November 11, 2018. Annual Joint Meeting of the Entomological Society of British Columbia and the Entomological Society of America Conference. Vancouver, British Columbia.

Science, Nature, and a Biscuit: Native Bees and the Landscape of the PNW. June 2, 2018. Seward Park Audubon Society. Seattle, Washington.

Native Bee Ecology. October 16, 2019. National Garden Club Environmental School at The Cove. Seattle, Washington.

Protein analysis & DNA analysis of native bee pollen. July 17, 2018. Edmonds Community College. Edmonds, Washington.

Native Mason and Leafcutter Bees in Seattle. June 27, 2018. Green Plate Special Kids Cooking & Gardening Classes Summer Camp. Seattle, Washington.

Short chalk talk on current research (no title). June 18, 2018. WA Native Bee Researcher Summit. 2018. Seattle, WA.

Osmia lignaria and Landscape Composition of the PNW. June 12, 2018. UW Grounds Crew. University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

Wetland Ecology. April 25, 2017. National Garden Club Environmental School at The Cove. Seattle, Washington.

Evaluating the spread of Armillaria in Itasca State Park old-growth forests. December 2015. University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Presentation. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota.